About the Facebook SDK for .NET

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The Facebook SDK for .NET helps developers build web, desktop, phone and Windows Store applications that integrate with Facebook. This project is open source and is driven largely by volunteer efforts of our developers.

Outercurve Foundation

The Facebook SDK for .NET is owned by the Outercurve Foundation. The mission of the Outercurve Foundation is to enable the exchange of code and understanding among software companies and open source communities. In practice this means providing software IP management and project development governance to enable and encourage organizations to develop software collaboratively in open source communities for faster results.


Sanjeev Dwivedi

Sanjeev Dwivedi is the Team Lead for the Facebook SDK for .NET and oversees the best way to help the community use the Facebook integration on Microsoft Stack. He works for Microsoft as a Senior Technical Evangelist where he focuses on Windows, Windows Phone and Azure. Additionally, Sanjeev contributes features and documentation to the SDK and drives awareness about it.

Prabir Shrestha

Prabir Shrestha is the lead developer of the Facebook SDK for .NET and a Software Engineer at Microsoft. Prabir spends significant amounts of time developing improvements to the SDK, fixing bugs, and writing samples. Prabir is also very active on StackOverflow and answers many questions about the Facebook SDK for .NET.


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